You throw around stupid facts like you know what your talking

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moncler jackets outlet We encourage users to use a descriptive title for your post, and choose a proper «Flair». If you play lawbringer you can get damage just by blocking bro so she can do a thing to him he never has to parry ever. Parrying doesn even cheap moncler jackets mens get him much to begin with this discount moncler jackets season unless it only moncler outlet store lights. Valk cheap moncler jackets womens has strong mix ups and can run over every assassin cause her delayed lights hit through assassin reflect guard and if they deflect outside of shinobi and berserk moncler sale outlet you can still hit them after the deflect. Valk needs a cheap moncler coats mens buff not a rework only a dumbass whose never touched this game would say she needs a rework with all the options she has. In a game where being defensive was what uk moncler outlet was killing the experience how do you think characters like aramusha, peacekeeper keep up? They buffed berserk for being in the same situation she is in right now. Fast moncler sale light but if you can block what can she do? Why are so many of you scrubs that uk moncler sale don take the time to think about this shit and when someone puts it in your face you go moncler outlet sale dumb?Wow. Ive never seen such best moncler jackets idiocy. How do you think your knowledge on valk is better than someone who mains her? are you genuinely that arrogant? Your opinion on valk is completely retarded and so i guess your calling every valk a dumbass? how can you have the audacity to say something like that when your calling for the proven best character in the game in 1v1 and 4v4 to be buffed? Nothing but zone? shes has the best back dodge and recovery in the game, Great bleed fro GB, Bleed from dodge attack and yes a zone that is lightning fast. You throw around stupid facts like you know what your talking about when quite frankly i get the impression you havent got a clue. And so because assassins have trouble with valk means shes perfectly fine? Nothing she does grantees a sweep her lights are easily blocked/parried on reaction, You know how you keep seeing that people say she needs a light heavy chain? yeah because she does so if you pull your head out your arse and listen to the majority of valk mains you understand. so once again seeing as you didn reply to my last comment on this on a different post, Stop throwing facts around that are complete horseshit. As for going dumb. I cant even take you seriously you put forward no proof of your stupid claims. Oh wait yes you did on a previous post and as soon as i commented proving why every single thing you said was utter crap i didn get a response. Jesus kid. This is my last response to you because i feel like it wont get through that caveman like brain of yours. Peace outThis is honestly fucking horse shit and pissed me off. I don blame that raider for being pissed and attacking the shugoki. moncler jackets outlet

womens moncler jackets By all means have honor, moncler outlet online and don ledge, and don pop moncler usa revenge when you happen to be in a 1v1 in a 4v4 game mode but as soon as someone interferes all bets should be off. Fuck this gay ass shit. It this stupid bullshit that is ruining the game. womens moncler jackets

moncler outlet online store A lot of vets hate it, moncler outlet prices and the newer people (possibly the raider) get confused and pissed off and moncler outlet quit because for some reason this team game they got into is about 1v1s? Tf outa here with that, if people wanna duel there is a game mode for that. moncler outlet online store

moncler outlet mall Rant over, not flaming the OP just really don like the attitude of that goki!Hey sometimes I like a good 1 v 1 in dominion I moncler online store want to see the skill of some of these Cheap Moncler Jackets kids without 3 other guys jumping on my back. It mixes it up a little from gank squad after moncler uk outlet gank squad dominion gets very stale if all you do is get rocked by 4 guys every few min. I feel like dominion needs to have a rework of all 4 of you are in one spot the cheap moncler jackets other spot opens up it forces you to split up and have to really hold points and have good fights. It the reason I hate maps like The Shard that are too small to effectively combat a gankball. moncler outlet mall

moncler outlets uk But it stupid to say that this is justified because sometimes you want a good 1v1 with your enemy, or you want to mix it up from the usual dominion playstyle. Go to duels my dude. If you really want to fight that specific opponent, invite him to a private match. For the love of god, don ever just stand there and watch your teammate die, especially if you aren going to do anything else productive. It toxic to an extreme, and especially when moncler sale online he literally moncler womens jackets lets the valkyrie capture the zone to regenerate HP, it should just be considered griefing at that point moncler outlets uk.

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