We have a home care provider to give us breaks

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moncler outlet online I lived with a couple white girls a couple years ago and they were always bout that coke. I from the Midwest and that was my first encounter with the stuff. cheap moncler jackets mens It really weird to see a girl geeked out moncler outlet sale unable to talk and all jittery and shit. moncler outlet online

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moncler outlet online store Yeah, if you smart and a hard worker there is moncler sale online some opportunity there. I had a boss at a McDonald I worked at that was a recovered alcoholic; she got her shit straight while she was working at a mcd in her late 20s and she and her wife (works in another field I believe) were able to fully support their family. By the time I met her, they lived in a pretty decent house (I mean not a mansion or even a Big House but you know), with nice cars, and they were all well taken moncler outlet store care of. moncler outlet She worked 40 hours a week and was happy at work and liked her job. moncler outlet online store

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cheap moncler jackets outlet Hi! Mom of a 15 yo boy born with moncler womens jackets Sotos Syndrome, Autism (PDD/NOS), Global Pattern Development Delay, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and a myriad of other uk moncler sale cognitive and intellectual disabilities. and Star Wars. He is a loving, sweet, funny kid until he isn and his triggers vary from day to day. Then he becomes violent: physical aggression, property destruction, self harm (choking, biting, skin picking, nose picking). He is a very smart person who is also extremely manipulative. Whether that manipulation is on purpose, we don know. My son is only 1 in 10,000 people in the world with his specific array cheap moncler jackets womens of diagnosis and 1 of 25 with his genetic makeup. We know of only 1 other peer in the US like him and that young man lives in Michigan. We never reached out to the family but we thought about it. cheap moncler jackets outlet

Discount Moncler Coats My son requires 24/7 care. Special schools. Special camps. Meds. Doctors. Because of his size (6 and 340lbs) we have to special order clothing, underwear, pajamas, shoes (size 18 4E), and socks. We have a home care provider to give us breaks. I recently quit working full time because the boy was having a «crash and burn» cycle which then played a part in my own crash and burn. We are not rich but we work hard. My husband took extra shifts and I went to freelancing. It was kind of the «leftovers» from a meltdown requiring restraints from the night before. I raced home. LEO were absolutely wonderful. My son calmed before they arrived. My poor husband was really upset and scratched up. We have never had cheap moncler jackets to call for discount moncler jackets police help before. Discount Moncler Coats

cheap moncler Do I regret having my son? Yes and no. cheap moncler

moncler chicago It breaks my heart to see him struggle. It rips me to shreds to see him want to travel and drive and have friends and be a «cool dude» like he says, but it just isn possible (except he is cool AF to me). It is emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially draining. My husband is my 3rd husband and he is moncler sale outlet amazing. My sons father has nothing to do with him. This lifestyle can RIP relationships apart and that is hard. I don have friends. My daughter, who is 15 months younger than her big brother and was an «oops» baby way before we ever knew my son was high needs, suffers at times. We work really hard to give her every opportunity in the world. My parents help with her a lot. She loves her brother but does not have a high tolerance for his bullshit, so in many ways it is a typical brother/sister relationship and the most normal thing in our lives. moncler chicago

moncler outlet usa I don like that everyone struggles. I regret that part. I regret the pain this causes to my son and loved ones. moncler outlet usa

moncler outlets usa But my son saved me. I was a real piece of shit human. Not a good wife. Not even a good mom when the kids were little. I had no ambition. No motivation. I was a full blown alcoholic that was barely functioning. I moncler sale always known that I am pretty much the only person he has. I his human. He needs me. I understand him and know him better than anyone. I have seen people dismiss him and kind of figuratively toss him aside. I don really know what my «lightbulb» moment was, but I remember slapping a guy across the face for yelling at my son and calling him a bitch for screaming (he used to be echolalic) and really being mad someone would say that about my son. This was probably 12 years ago. Around the same time I also began to have a real sensitivity to the R word. To this day I partner with Special Olympics and Best Buddies to increase awareness to Spread the Word to End the Word. I was 22 when my son was born. I had a lot of growing up to do that I fought against for a long time. I was a thot before the word existed. It took me a while but I grew up. I learned special education, «the system», doctors, lingo, and have been a fierce advocate of persons with disabilities living a good quality of life. I am NOT a psycho, puzzle piece wielding, warrior mom who is in all of the Facebook groups and area support groups. FUCK. THAT. SHIT. I do things my own way. It helps that I a more solitary person by nature to begin with so the isolation that can moncler usa come with the lifestyle isn so bad for me. I pretty calm. I advocate strongly. I know my shit. I vaccinate (no, vaccinations did not and do not cause Autism). We don do the shit science diets because there is not a diet that is going to cure this and there is not a diet that will make this better. I do homeopathic things for some comfort of my own, but the pseudoscience moms can just keep all of that shit over in their corner and I stay in my lane and that that. We DO track his food on MyFitnessPal and watch what he eats and use calories in/calories out for him. He is built like moncler outlet usa a brick shithouse. He needs a little help when it comes to food intake. moncler outlets usa

cheap moncler jackets I love my son for what he has done for me he made me see the world in a different way. He made me compassionate and kind and strong and articulate. He made me a lifelong student. He made me an expert in my kid. He made me be objective and learn how to play devils advocate. He has forced me to be social. He has shown me that other cheap moncler coats mens people are good. He has shown me that people who are assholes aren worth our time. He has shown me how to laugh and love and care without limits. He has shown me bravery and courage under fire. He has made me an expert in conflict resolution, problem solving, and research. He taught me to ask questions. He has taught me a lot of what I know about being an adult and good human. I learning more every day. cheap moncler jackets

moncler coats for cheap I don talk about my son a lot to other people, especially on the interwebs. I don post to social media much about my son because I believe that whether he understands me trying to preserve his dignity and right to privacy or not, I respect him and want to do that for him. I talk to my husband, care worker, my own therapist, and that it. So please pardon my wall of text. It been a rough few days with the big guy, but damnit, I love uk moncler outlet him to pieces. My kids are my world. My son saved me. My daughter did too, in a different way. I literally could not survive without these little people, who I refuse to believe are growing up. I am a young mom (38 with a 15 and 14 yo) but I glad for what that has done for me and them and how we kind of come up together. moncler coats for cheap

moncler outlet kids TL;dr I have regrets for the pain, worry, struggle, isolation, and limits. The lifestyle is hard as hell. I don regret what the lifestyle has given me and how it changed me. It is selfish to hear, but it true. So my duty is to give my son the best quality moncler online store of life possible. Striving to always be better, do more, moncler outlet https://www.moncler-jacket-outlet.com online and have fun is something I don regret. We will always have Santa and the Easter Bunny. We will always have toys in our home. We will have a child at home long after he is legally an adult. We will have fun and love and do our best. It an unique parenting challenge and life that I wouldn have had without him. So I take it. moncler outlet kids

moncler jackets for women If you made it this far, thanks for reading. As I said earlier I don talk much about him. I just live. We live. Some days we just exist and that okay too. This was good for me today, even if no one «gets» it. I didn know I needed to put all of this into words today, but I did. So yeah thanks! moncler jackets for women

moncler outlet woodbury EDITED FOR UPDATE:I did not expect such a tremendous response. I am admittedly a Reddit neophyte. I only recently started reading more and subbing more because things on Reddit were making me laugh and feel happy on days when there wasn a lot to make me laugh or be super stoked about. I had to Google and then ask my husband what certain things meant because I am an old and would like someone to come program my VCR whilst I yell at the kids to get get off of my gotdarn lawn. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler outlet mall But in all seriousness thank you. I have read every best moncler jackets response so far and tried to respond to messages and show my appreciation as much as possible. I still have quite a few more to go, but I am cleaning while the tank naps and trying to plan the rest of our day. moncler outlet mall

moncler outlet uk We live in such a weird world. I am guilty of not understanding of what others may be going through that I cannot see. I think we all are at times. But yeah be kind and stuff. Because you don know what other people are going through at first or even second glance. moncler outlet uk

moncler jackets Thanks, folks. A lot. moncler jackets

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Official Moncler Outlet Thank you for sharing this. My little sister has a lot of the same issues/behaviors (although hers is due to trauma) and it was hard to read this at times, particularly the bit about the police milestone (we’ve been there many a time and I can still remember the first time) but it gave me some comfort. My other sister and I also have a low tolerance for when she’s having an episode (please forgive me if this isn’t the right word to use, it’s just what the three of us say, she’s very aware of her illness) and we always felt very guilty about that so thank you for saying that bit about it being a normal brother sister relationship. I think we have the same Official Moncler Outlet

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discount moncler jackets So it makes it «ok» or acceptable? Give me a break. you moncler outlet woodbury just apologizing for poor choices. OP has a viable solution to all of these millennials who are in terrible financial positions and you are defending them because «the standards were different»? Society is NOT completely different. People still moncler outlet prices got married had kids, raised a family had a house payment, car payment, worried about retirement paid taxes, watched Television. Technology is so overrated it not funny. Maybe you can make the case that advances in healthcare have chagned society. Yes. But watching a television show on your phone is lifechanging? Give me a break. Wifi is lifechanging? Give me a break. discount moncler jackets

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moncler jackets on sale So true. In college right moncler uk outlet now and one of my friends came back from a semester off. We just weren as close anymore since I hadn seen her in a long time but I grew much closer with some of her other friends. When she came back I realized I didn like spending time with her, for a variety of reasons mostly that she didn want to have fun. She handles it so poorly that we aren as close as we use to be which only makes me uncomfortable and like her less. She will literally ask me why I am friends with other people more or why I don text her. She is graceless with the issue rather than just trying to rebuild our friendship moncler jackets on sale.

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