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All these posts just confirm that my decision to develop a world wide recommendation app (like FourSquare) with the goal of making customer reviews completely obsolete (unlike FourSquare) was right.

The canadagooseparks concept itself is broken. There’s canada goose outlet new york city no Canada Goose Online valid reason why a person who knows jack shit about food should be able to canada goose black friday sale influence somebody’s canada goose uk outlet business. I’ve been studying restaurant reviews for the last 3 years or so and let me tell you, the insane canada goose outlet store stuff people can come up with, the pettiness, the ego trips and sheer stupidity is mind boggling.

A customer has no real right to review something. At max he is entitled to an opinion, but official canada goose outlet that has zero value to somebody who is actively searching for a good place to canada goose clearance sale eat and doesn’t know if he can believe that guy.

Plus almost nobody really uk canada goose cares if canada goose outlet the restaurant is a 4.5 or 3.9 or canada goose outlet online 4.3, what does it even mean?

I believe and that’s the basis we built our app on the only thing almost canada goose outlet canada goose store reviews everybody is looking for is a good recommendation. Just tell me where should I canada goose outlet jackets go if I like this or that. Curators are the goose outlet canada key. If I buy canada goose jacket cheap like the canada goose outlet uk place, I will recommend it further. If I don’t, I’ll leave feedback to the owner / manager directly (since the staff usually doesn’t care) and maybe I’ll listen to another curator instead.

Customer reviews are a flawed concept, at least in food business, ask any restaurant owner. canada goose outlet online uk The thing we should be looking for are canada goose recommendations.

4) Every day canada goose outlet parka you start working (I start around 11:00, because I like to go for a sale canada goose walk or have breakfast before work) look at your Pool and start sorting cards that have accumulated there

5) canada goose outlet toronto factory canada goose clearance Tasks that are Canada Goose Jackets important, but canada goose coats not urgent go to Plan. Set a date on each card this will be the date when you revisit the task and assign it a canada goose coats on sale new priority or push it again.

6) Tasks that are important and canada goose outlet nyc also urgent should go to Today list. These are the tasks you will do today. Nothing more!

7) Urgent, but not so important cheap Canada Goose tasks should go to Delegate if you have an assistant or a VA canadian goose jacket (I highly recommend getting a virtual assistant) or anybody you can pile this task on, canada goose outlet canada or pay him to do it, delegate. Delegate as much as possible. Be fucking lazy. You canada goose factory sale here for the important shit, not for scraping Excel sheets.

8) Not urgent canada goose outlet store uk and not important tasks should be DELETED. Never look back.

This is how you know your day will look like. uk canada goose outlet Don canada goose jacket outlet ever move tasks from Plan cheap canada goose uk to Today if you really not Canada Goose Parka in a big Canada Goose Coats On Sale flow and really motivated to work Canada Goose online (that an exception). When the tasks are over, so is your work for the day.

Now, the Canada Goose sale second buy canada goose jacket one for prioritizing correctly and working effectively.

Understand that 80% of your success will canada goose outlet uk sale come from 20% of your canada goose black friday sale work. canada goose outlet in usa Usually, more often canada goose uk shop than not, there is a main activity that is generating the highest amount of value for your project.

Focus on it exclusively and forget about others. They just eating your precious time.

Analyze what brings the most value canada goose outlet black friday and exploit the shit out of that thing. You be surprised how many new approaches to an old thing you can find.

And canada goose outlet shop the last general advice I give you is: Don be afraid to work with your brain.

Even if you spent 4 days in the park thinking about canada goose factory outlet your business and productively coming up with Canada Goose Outlet solutions or with canada goose uk black friday approaches that don work, canada goose outlet sale eliminating them, this work is much more valuable than sitting behind a computer just for the sake of it.

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