The thought is that thebody portion of the costume is

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Minecraft Steve Costume

About: A mechanical engineer by training, but often seek out fun projects at home canada goose to satisfy my need to create stuff. Sadly, this canada goose uk black friday has fallen on deaf ears year after year after year. Our vision of what would canada goose outlet be goose outlet canada canada goose coats awesome and their vision of what would be awesome has canada goose outlet reviews never aligned. until now! Thank you Minecraft!

Our kids, Canada Goose sale like millions of others around the world, are canada goose jacket outlet obsessed with all things Minecraft. While I’m not muchinto gaming Canada Goose Jackets myself, I canada goose outlet uk sale can definitely appreciate canada goose clearance the virtues of this game namely the simplicity and open ended creativity that it canada goose outlet jackets offers. The canada goose outlet store uk simplicity in particular is what made canada goose outlet online this a logical choice for this year’s canada goose factory sale costumes. The pixelized, blocky look of all of the characters make them perfect for construction out ofcardboard which happens to be free and plentiful.

After uk canada goose careful consideration of all thepossible characters andskins, my son settled canada goose outlet uk on’Minecraft Steve’. Hewanted to make itas recognizable as possible to the most number of people. Our primary canada goose outlet toronto factory goals for the canada goose outlet new york city costume were (1)to make it as close to the canada goose black friday sale actual game character canada goose outlet Canada Goose Parka black friday as possible and (2) allow for the mobility that will be required during Trick or Treating. After 2 weeks, 10 sheets of cardboard, and many late nights, it’s safe to say that the results exceededour expectations.

Materials you will need:

cardboard Canada Goose Coats On Sale sheets

Photoshop or similar photo editing software

sheetrock screws

liquid nails

tape masking and scotch

3M canada goose outlet sale cheap Canada Goose spray adhesive


Gorilla Glue

scrap foam (like the kind used to package computers or appliances)

Tools you will need:

color printer

straight edge

utility knife and Exacto knife (with lots of replacement blades)

screw gun/cordless canada goose uk shop drillStep 1: Gather Your Source Images

I’ve found that one of the keys to making a great costume canada goose outlet nyc is tohave it scaled canada goose outlet in usa correctly. I’ve canadian goose jacket seen lots of pictures of Minecraft costumes where the official canada goose outlet head is too small compared to the body, or canada goose outlet canada the arms are too large compared to the body and canada goose clearance sale head. These were uk canada goose outlet most likely made with pre existing canada goose factory outlet cardboard canada goose outlet shop boxes. To make ours truly to scale, we were going to need to make our canada goose outlet parka own boxes. And to do that required a complete set of dimensions.

The problem with Minecraft Steve is that Canada Goose Outlet there really aren’t any action figures to measure (at least not in my house). There are, however, hundreds of papercraft templates out buy canada goose jacket cheap there on the canada goose outlet store web. Step one is buy canada goose jacket to search for a high resolution template. This will give you every dimensionyou will need for every component to canada goose store the body. It will also serve to provide the ‘skins’ for your boxes. but Canada Goose online more about that later.

Once you’ve gathered the dimensions, you will need to then determine your scale factor. Since canada goose uk outlet this costume is for my son, canada goose outlet online uk we took our key scaling dimension off of him. Our scaling dimension was measured from canada goose coats on sale his shoulders to canada goose outlet sale the ground. The thought is that thebody portion of the costume is supported Canada Goose Online by his shoulders, and as a result the shoulders of Minecraft Steve need to match this height. We attached canada goose black cheap canada goose uk friday sale the pieces together using liquid nails. Sheet metal screws were used to cinch the pieces together and hold them in place while theglue cured. This provides the added benefit ofallowing the partially assembled box to be handled before the glue is dry.

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