The first pair had terrible loose grain creasing in the vamp

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This put me to think: would be possible that Gascoigne carried some kind of censer in his attire, at least during hunts?Incense its said to repel foul beats, and in the description of Gascoigne cap, it reads: Hunter attire worn by Father Gascoigne.Similar to hunter garb created at the workshop,only these are tainted by a pungent beastly stench that eats away at Gascoigne.».I know its such a dumb theory for such a long post, but this made me think (hope I didn discovered America or somewhat) that maybe Gascoigne carried with him three burning censers during the hunts just to repel something beastly that lived «inside of him» (as beast roar may seem to suggest)? It would served two purposes: to bother beasts in the middle of the hunt and gain an advantage over them, and also to keep Gascoigne human side «awake» by smelling all time that odors. Probably it was even uncomfortable, and he endured that thing due to his love for his family, to keep his sanity awake all time he could. I mean, Gascoigne is already such a badass, I don know if I want him to be even more badass by steaming like a dwemer centurion hahaha..

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