Like a lot of large squad RPGS/ Tactics games of the 90s that

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moncler outlet usa XCOM 3 features you’d like to see moncler outlet usa

moncler jacket online Weather could be a nice touch. Fog to reduce most units vision, rain to dampen the effects of fire, sandstorm to give a debuff to some units because sand fucks with robotics. Maybe some weird shit like a psi storm that fucks with everybodies heads, or solar flares that could disable any robotic abilities/units for a turn or 2.Edit The day night cycle could also be more than visual. Night would have less civies, or maybe even less patrols but could include spotlights that would alert enemies to your locations. Units could be effected by the time of da, like with a willpower debuff at night. They could probably think up some enemies that could only show up in the moncler womens jackets day time and night time. Enemies could have small variations based on geographical location, aliens in Siberia would have insulated armour giving them some resitances or even armor but maybe a movement cheap moncler jackets debuff. If they add noise that could also be a factor, your sounds are less noticabe during rush hour in a city but if you so much as sneeze during a night mission in moncler online store the desert your screwed. You capture them alive and interrogate them. In moncler uk outlet X2 they cheap moncler coats mens lampshade the fact you can do this by having Tygan start moncler usa asking for live subjects, only to be cut off by Shen.In EU your soldiers undergo grueling physical trials to potentially unlock latent psionic abilities. After that, the only way to make the powers stronger is to kill living beings with them. In X2 they just train for a bit with uk moncler outlet a magical psi wand and dye their hair white. No need to fight for more psi powers.In EU the climactic battle involves taking the fight to the aliens in their temple ship on the edge of space. In X2 you just fight them in an undersea facility on Earth.In EW you amputate your troops limbs to moncler outlet woodbury make them into robotic super soldiersIn Cheap Moncler EW you take the aliens gene mod technology for your own and mutate your own DNA to fight the aliens more effectivelyI think it could potentially add a whole new layer discount moncler jackets of strategy to the game. Especially if the enemy could either utilize the resources for themselves or you just lose it altogether. It would basically be like a more complex version of collecting meld canisters before they self destruct. I had the idea for a very long time. I always hated that Tactical RPGs essentially just send you from battle to battle without much to do in between besides manage your characters. I love to be able to complete a battle and then explore the map for cool things, maybe adding random encounters to it to keep it interesting/risky or something.Better Line of sight scaling,nothing like being moncler sale online in stealth and having an enemy spot you threw a floor even though you can neither see or fire at them but somehow they can blast right threw the floor and kill you from below.More base classes; 4 base classes and 2 mid to late game add ons just didn feel deep, WOC really fixed that problem with the classes all seeming the same by adding the random skills and individual soldier XP and also with the new heros. I just want to see 6 8 base classes like the LWs pulled off to give it more early game diversity. Also better thought out classes too. The Sparks are great early game but are not useful late game but you get them so late in the game most times, Psi are insanely powerful but you can beat the game before you even have them or your guys are so powerful and so outclass the Psis by then moncler outlet prices why even bother unless you Psi rushDispatch Missions WOC again added this which was awesome but i moncler outlet would love to see this system expanded on like some of its predecessors Much like Grimmy loot mods these dispatch mission should bring back rare and unique loot and be a way to level up your idle guys so late game loses are not completely devastating.Once you get 2 solid teams its so hard to train up lesser guys this is a needed option.Like a lot of large squad RPGS/ Tactics games of the 90s that had dispatch type missions id like to see Teirs of difficultly and a chance of success based on squad builds, also moncler outlet store select what you want to cheap moncler jackets womens send the squads out to focus on for that mission. New weapons, PCS, Money, Intel, Armor, etc. Teir 1 might bring back a gun with 1 unique attachment, but tier 3 would be a gun with 3 unique superior attachments but require a col or cheap moncler jackets mens high level specific class. As far as resources You can only dispatch one team at a time but there should be a whole section uk moncler sale of upgrades like extra sky rangers that let you send multiple teams out or upgrades to allow you to do the more rewarding mission types.Maybe even a sub type for only heroes too.If a 1993 DnD Game (Fantasy Empires) can have an awesome Dispatch system no reason a 2019 game cant!Command/ Training room load 2 guys into battle simulator (upgradable to 4 later ) and those guys get the same amount of XP as your team does from their next mission best moncler jackets or something to level low level guys up. (with a level cap of 75% of the max level so last few high levels need to be earned but lets you train up guys in case of loses)Improved barracks / squad roster system Ability to save skill trees or have a default class for custom characters without a Mod.A moncler sale better moncler outlet online base / resource system moncler sale outlet multiple bases with auto battles happening, roosters of guys you can use to Sim battles in other bases or chose to manually battle them if your auto battle odds are low. Loved cheap moncler sale the jobs system from long war 2 something similar but a little more flushed out and explained in game would be idealShivs!!! Miss those little guys.Vehicles + Vehicle combat levels. battle Tech moncler outlet sale style or even War Inc style another 90s games that managed Vehicles and Multi base building / resource management really well.Your own Reinforcement system with its own risk rewards.Tactical map benefits like a million other games. If you hold X region you can call it orbital strike once per battle or call in reinforcements once or a medical drop or 3x free map scans, etc, etc,etc.Id like to see the tactical map offer more, like resources per month or something other then just money moncler jacket online.

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