It hurt me right in my chest

Опубликовано 16 апреля 2013
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something about them makes me feel really uneasy like they’re brainwashed or in a cult

Sorry guys! All of us mods canada goose outlet were asleep and this post remained up far longer than it should have. This post has been removed Canada Goose online for not actually being a confession, but OPs opinion on religion.Also, I will be locking this thread as there are quite a few rule canada goose coats canada goose outlet shop violations in here. Remember that r/confession is intended to be a safe place. We ask canada goose outlet online uk all members to remain canada goose store kind and civil. If you unable to respond to others in this manner, we ask that you simply canada goose not respond and walk away. they follow you around watching you and when you look back at them, they just smile. canada goose factory sale anywhere you look and see one of the workers, they canada goose black friday sale always canada goose outlet toronto factory have their eyes on you. it’s creepy afedit: i’d also like to add that i’m pretty sure they canada goose outlet uk sale brain wash their followers. One day i was there installing door mags and as i was cutting canada goose jacket outlet into the drywall, some guy had cheap Canada Goose just sat canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet black friday down to eat a canada goose coats on sale sandwich canada goose uk outlet and continue Canada Goose Coats On Sale reading some canada goose outlet new york city book of their teachings. he was young maybe in his early 20’s. canada goose outlet nyc all of a sudden, some woman comes and asks what he thinks of the readings, he responds cheap canada goose uk with what he thinks and feels about them, Canada canada goose black friday sale Goose Outlet then she asks if he’s slept or eaten. he responds he slept maybe a couple hours and was just about to eat. the canada goose uk shop woman canada goose outlet store uk told him to come with her because someone needed to speak to him and they just official canada goose outlet took him away leaving his food and personal belongings. at that point, i had anxiety up the ass and was just dying to gtfo.»Wow, are you actually religious even though you study physics?»I grew up Catholic so when I was young, I took for granted that someone could canada goose factory outlet be religious and appreciate science.I went to Jesuit Catholic schools and my parents are both scientists and very spiritual so when I went to college and people doubted I could be both as well, I buy canada goose jacket ran into a lot of that doubt and canada goose outlet store itconfused me for a uk canada goose outlet long time.For canada goose clearance sale me, science and religion were just two different canada goose outlet online subjects to learn and uk canada goose they didn necessarily contradict one another. I did get kicked out of church when I was religious but that a different story.) Ive always seen it as sweet for someone to say that they Canada Goose Jackets pray for me, because it just means they care at least a little bit. You just have to canada goose outlet uk be careful who you talk about religion with, but I try to canada goose outlet jackets stay canadian goose jacket out of it canada goose black friday sale completely. There was one really sweet woman who I talked with after getting kicked out of church. She apologized and said the pastor was not a true Christian and that as long as I happy and safe, she didn care about what I believed. The employees arent required to be members but being around them you canada goose outlet reviews dont want to be negative obviously. I canada goose outlet canada wont give singling details since scientology monitor and stalk anyone. i will say i have lived right by their main hub/community in tampa (they own so much real estate people are unaware). They are everywhere and i have befriended a few families. canada goose outlet parka Most members are very nice and seem normal. Personal experience some friends out of nowhere were no longer allowed to communicate with us. canada goose uk black friday I cant confirm but i believe they moved from their home Canada Goose Online into one of the gated cult communities excommunicating from anyone who isnt in the heirarchy. There are so many rich members in the cult canada goose outlet in usa too. Thats my 2centsMy sister is a Jehovah’s Witness. She called me one day to preach to me. I’m usually very tolerant of her and the rest of my family’s view point (they’re all Jehovah’s Witnesses and I was raised one too) but this day was different.She was en route to getting baptised so was really firing at full cylinders with the whole JW thing. During this canada goose outlet sale call I had to beg her to stop. She didn’t Canada Goose sale sound like my sister, she sounded like a goose outlet canada robot. It hurt me right in my chest. From the outside looking in, it felt like my sister had been possessed by something that wasn’t her.Seeing pictures of her baptism later canada goose clearance was one of the saddest days of my life.I’m a non practicing muslim ( I live in a muslim country so for me being a muslim was more of an obligation than a conviction for the longest time), but buy canada goose jacket cheap I barely pray or know anything about Islam except the basics that I learned at school.

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