I sure mass communication helped substantially

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cheap moncler 2 points submitted 5 hours agoTo me it depends on what you mean by «oppose the sex trade.» Many feminists don oppose the concept of sex work but oppose it in its current form. This can apply to both porn and prostitution, but for the example of prostitution, many feminists want cheap moncler jackets mens to make a lot of changes to make it safer and focused on consent. Feeling this way would definitely not make you a SWERF.SWERFs believe that not only is sex work inherently violent, exploitive, and immoral, but that the workers themselves (regardless of the reasons they became sex workers) are actively contributing to and perpetuating that environment. 2 points submitted 2 hours agoI don think that is a truism though. I don believe that sex workers are actively contributing to violence against themselves or their own exploitation, where either of those is present. If a sex worker is experiencing those things, my guess is they are in a financial position where they are unable to leave and that whoever employs them is responsible for the violence and exploitation.In other words, I don think sex workers need to change I think the system needs to change to improve conditions for sex workers.whimsea 2 points submitted 1 day agoI know I a little late to this conversation, but I moncler uk outlet thought I share my perspective anyway. For context, I a white woman, passionate feminist, and about as left as they come in the US at least. I also a fan of the show and have watched pretty much daily for the last 5 years or so. And despite Phil encouraging us all to share our views at the end of every single episode (including those who may disagree with him), as well as the fact that people in the center tend to be extremely focused on the issue of free speech currently, I never really wanted to share my views here. I kind of accepted moncler sale outlet that Phil (and probably most of kinkhost.com his audience) moncler online store and I just have fundamentally different views of the world and how to have a productive discussion on a given topic, and that expressing my views here won exactly be fun for me. But here goes.I strongly feel that no one should be silenced on any topic because of their race, gender, or any other aspect of their identity. I believe this for two reasons: first because I think conversations moncler womens jackets on difficult topics are important to have, moncler usa and second because, on principle, I disagree with silencing. moncler outlet woodbury Everyone has the right to their opinion, and everyone has the right to express it.I also feel that it important to have empathy for people who have had different experiences, and when discussing something we personally don really experience, I think it better to listen and learn more than speak. I don experience racism, so when discussing it, I mostly listen to the people who have experienced it. I often share my cheap moncler jackets womens views as well, but I spend most moncler outlet sale of the conversation asking questions and listening to their views. I also wouldn shame someone for labeling something as racist, even if I don see it that way. Whenever a discriminatory event makes the news, it can feel like an isolated event to those who don face that type of discrimination every day. Sometimes it can seem like not a big deal or an extreme outlier, but maybe it not. Maybe the people saying it discriminatory are actually right, and you just don have the context and life experience to immediately https://www.kinkhost.com see that. I don understand why so many people have trouble with that concept or get offended when it pointed cheap moncler coats mens out to them that just maybe, when it comes to things they don experience, they might have some misconceptions or are aware of only the tip of the iceberg.And when discussing important, difficult topics like racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression, I strongly believe the emphasis should be on the injustice itself, not the reactions of people who haven experienced that type of injustice. Lately, it feels like Phil has spent more time talking about the criticism white men face when discussing these injustices than on the actual injustices. There is value in that conversation, but there also value (and in my opinion more value) in talking about the significant effects racism still has on our society. If I had my own show and did a segment on the black people that restaurant discriminated cheap moncler sale against, I wouldn summarize the incident quickly and then spend two minutes talking about cheap moncler jackets a random twitter argument and why white men should be able to participate in these discussions. moncler outlet store I know Phil always shares the facts of a story first and then his own opinion, but it unfortunate that in this case, the time he spent sharing his own opinion was 100% dedicated to a tangential issue. If he wants to talk about that issue, it totally fine, but don derail a conversation about the discrimination black people face every day.sydnerella11 1 point submitted 1 day agoHey! discount moncler jackets Fellow PDS watcher here, moncler outlet online and while I approached this sub (similarly late) and with different points in regards to OP, I think what you are saying is awesome and maybe honestly the kinds of views that need to be expressed here. moncler outlet I honestly had to do a double take since I thought I double posted lol.Even if some people who are in the community of this show may respond harshly to this portion of his demographic, I at least want you to know I think you’re pretty cool.Edit: and just because a lot of his audience does respond to these views in a toxic way, they are just the most vocal. It sucks because it can stifle our voices by way of intimidation, it’s always important to use our voice in the end.whimsea 2 points submitted 12 hours agoHey, thanks for responding! I just read your comment as well, and I keep watching the PDS for essentially the same reasons as you. I think it important to better understand viewpoints you disagree with, and Phil moncler sale specifically I know to be coming from a genuine and good place, and I respect him in many ways. And he usually very upfront uk moncler outlet about his opinions without bashing those who may disagree.In regards to your edit, yes I completely agree. Though they are best moncler jackets both collections of personal essays, feminism is moncler sale online a prominent thread throughout. I also think first reading about feminism in a more personal context, rather than a purely academic one, is beneficial. Both those audiobooks are fantastic!Edit: and for podcast recommendations, I absolutely love «Last Name Basis» and «Two Dope Queens.» Both deal with gender and race, but are hosted by extremely hilarious people. I constantly laughing moncler outlet prices when listening to either of them. 4 points submitted 1 day agoI not a historian (and I do think this would be a great question to ask historians), but my guess is that it has a lot to do with communication and technology. Before the printing press, there would been no way for women to efficiently communicate or organize on a large scale. Most people don really question the values of the culture they grew up in until encountering viewpoints of others they may never have even thought about. I sure mass communication helped substantially.I think Enlightenment must also been a uk moncler sale factor. People were of course talking about equality, tolerance, and and freedom before Enlightenment, but to my knowledge, there had never been an extremely dominant intellectual movement centered around those issues before cheap moncler.

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