I already jazzed to post about this on Twitter because my life

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Edit 2: stop giving me gold. I really appreciate it but I have enough. I already jazzed to post about this on Twitter because my life is awesome like that. Use the money to tip an awesome server.

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What about that canada goose outlet store uk beach episode that read more like bad fanfiction than a real episode of atla? Or the super OP sparky sparky boom man who came out of nowhere canada goose canada goose uk shop outlet online and his kind were never heard about again (you think they would be at the front lines of every army instead of taking hits from rich teenagers.) and did like nothing for the plot character development or anything? As much as canada goose outlet shop I didn like this episode I watch it 100 times rather than those other two things again.

Edit: I didn realize so many Canada Goose sale people liked the beach canada goose uk outlet episode. Sorry if I offended anyone. Everyone I know irl didn like that episode so I thought it was the common opinion. It was a sort of change of pace for the characters. I can see how it could be canada goose jacket outlet either love it or hate it kinda thing. It just wasn my cup of tea I guess.

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