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Опубликовано 19 октября 2013
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why is nobody talking about Maci sleeping in until 1130

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At the end of the day, we are all here to get canada goose uk shop our guilty pleasure gossip canada goose store fix. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am 10000 percent canada goose clearance sale sure canada goose and you can try to say no you aren’t all you want.

You are deep down even if you don’t know it.

That’s what makes you want to spend https://www.jacketstock.com your time worrying about how late she sleeps.

Maybe your family isn’t together, maybe you have to work two jobs and feel it’s unfair that she has uk canada goose it all cheap canada goose uk (despite her having to deal with pain like any real human.) or whatever it may be.

11 isn’t Canada Goose Parka a big deal.

You need to canada goose outlet go be with your kids or damn take a fucking nap if you got so much damn Canada Goose Coats On Sale sand in your cunt from her sleeping in.

Take a nap instead of posting.

Some of you spend so much time on here that it’s absurd looking at how much you comment and spend literally most of your entire day talking shit about people from tv you will never know.

I like reading the drama and joking about Mac being a creep as much as the Canada Goose online next gal but I don’t spend my day on here obsessing over what time somebody wakes up.

Where are YOUR kids while you are on here bitching?Taylor said she had slept in on that day, buy canada goose jacket he never said she sleeps in every day. They also have small children, she could have been up half the night with one of them, or been canada goose uk black friday in pain from her PCOS. All we have is Taylor saying she slept in ONE day, even moms are allowed that!

And not sure why you put business in quotation marks? They are running a business, and surely that Canada Goose Jackets takes up time. This is what small start up businesses looks like, you are not gonna be the CEO of a large company over night, you canada goose uk outlet start small and put sweat and tears into it. It clear she takes great care of them. She also chill and likable and drama free at this point. She responsible and Canada Goose sale has made fairly decent choices (with a few notable exceptions in the early seasons). So Canada Goose Outlet we assume there a good reason why she sleeps in till 11:30 and we don burn her at the stake. If you ever tried to work with a baby or toddler around you know it can be damn near impossible canada goose coats lol. And Maci has both a baby and a toddler so working while the kids are canada goose coats on sale all in canada goose factory sale bed at night is likely when she gets the most done.

Also, people exist with quite a wide range of differences, which this poster has seemed to have forgotten. Some people uk canada goose outlet are just night owls and their brains work more efficiently at night. People key productivity period can differ depending on their individual circadian rhythm. If this routine is working for Maci, Taylor, and Canada Goose Online the kids, then that is great and more power to them! Only they canadian goose jacket know what best for their family specific dynamic.

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