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PLEASE critique my Cyberpunk

Personal attacks, name calling, bigotry and extreme negativity are subject to removal and or banning, If you spot canada goose outlet this use the report button or mod message to alert moderators.

If it cyberpunk, you can canada goose outlet toronto factory post it, goose outlet canada no matter the year or the style of the content, city pics, political articles, social discussions, latest novels, you name it, you can post it, if it NSFW tag it and if canada goose store it canada goose outlet online uk has uk canada goose outlet gore use NSFL on the title.

No SPAM, if you want canada goose outlet online to promote your cyberpunk website, blog or forum, please contact the moderators, we will say yes more likely than not, this does not Canada Goose Coats On Sale apply to our wiki Canada Goose online tumblr section, canada goose outlet store you can add your own as long it cyberpunk related.

Post music to /r/Cyberpunk_music.

Moderators reserve the right to remove posts and comments as they see fit.

Please do canada goose black friday sale not report things buy canada goose jacket just because you disagree with them canada goose outlet uk sale downvote and Canada Goose Outlet move on, remember Information Canada Goose sale canada goose jacket outlet wants to be free.

RES users may experience conflicts with our custom theme, as RES is canada goose clearance overzealous when canada goose coats applying its own styling (highlighting being a prime example) and breakages occur quite frequently. We have detailed how to fix a common highlighting issue here, and a more recent highlighting issue cheap canada goose uk here. RES users may benefit from switching to NIGHT MODE too. While the thruster option canada goose factory sale sounds cool, canada goose outlet reviews I don think that quite work for how you have them daisy chained, as there will need to be constant corrections on all of the asteroids uk canada goose to keep the links from breaking apart. On top of which constant course corrections like that would burn A LOT of fuel official canada canada goose uk shop canada goose outlet store locations goose outlet (gives a plot point that way though)

I recommend either canada goose uk black friday stable supports like sorta this canada goose outlet black Canada Goose Online friday around the asteroid (not the style so much as the coverage) with a webwork canada goose outlet canada of struts and supports between them and a few canada goose black friday sale thrusters on the edges for moving the thing as a whole.

Drop the links entirely, and add thruster stations to the asteroid cities just to keep them within Canada Goose Jackets range for the smaller spaceships. This adds opportunities for additional companies for taxi and shipping purposes if you really want the cyberpunk vibe. Also canada goose clearance sale allows for space chase scenes.

I would also suggest some more variety to the asteroids themselves. For one, canada goose outlet in usa up is canada goose coats on sale relative in space, they unlikely to be facing the same way. Two, I imagine the bulk of the city would actually be inside Canada Goose Parka the asteroids, because as the mining operations canada goose outlet shop continue, that opens up real estate inside. Take this one for example. The shell of the asteroid forms the outside for the machinery within. canada goose uk outlet You might canada goose outlet store uk show that with craters and cracks having the red screening across them, canada goose factory outlet instead of the more vulnerable and expensive domes, which would probably only be on the main one(s) since administration and stuff like that needs to be set up early, before major operations ensue. You may also want to consider that gravity will be almost nonexistent, and again, down canada goose outlet jackets is relative. You may want to find an explanation for that if you canada goose outlet uk don want people floating. You probably canada goose outlet sale have some city coverage on all sides of a few asteroids, maybe have a small slum one where it nothing but city because the asteroid already been mined out

That all having been said, it your world man, canada goose outlet new york city have fun with it, because it looks great so far!Does seem to be a bit odd that the main canada goose outlet nyc villain and MC are both missing the same hand, and canada goose outlet parka have the same prosthetic blaster. Also, in regards to prosthetics, I personally think the blaster bit should always be an optional addition, not the sole purpose of the replacement. You use hands all the time, and attack things comparatively rarely when you consider how much it would canadian goose jacket get cheap Canada Goose in the way. On top of which, canada goose you giving them both a few weapons, and both characters have weapons that require both hands. Something definitely needs to be done there buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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