Additional data collectionThe following information was

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Early stages of root exposure can be treated with topical fluoride gels applied by the dentist or with special toothpastes (such as Sensodyne or Denquel) which contain fluorides and other minerals. These minerals are absorbed wholesale replica designer handbags by the surface layer of the roots to make the roots stronger and less sensitive to the oral environment. If the root exposure causes injury and death of the inner living pulp tissue of the tooth, then a root canal procedure or tooth extraction may be necessary..

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Before the visit, parents were asked to complete a three day food diary to replica Purse assess whether the infant was exclusively or partially breast fed and whether formula or solids were given.Additional data collectionThe following information was collected from maternal healthcare records: reported illness, medication, parity, weight, height, body mass index, smoking habits, blood group Rhesus factor status, and haemoglobin concentration at the time of admission to antenatal care. The median duration of pregnancy at this visit was 76 days (interquartile range 68 to 84). If the objective of the randomised intervention (that is, 180 s between delivery and umbilical cord clamping for delayed clamping or 10 s for early clamping) was not achieved, the reason for this was noted.Blood samplesUmbilical cord blood was analysed for complete blood count (haemoglobin, packed cell volume, mean cell volume, mean cell haemoglobin concentration, reticulocyte count, and reticulocyte haemoglobin); iron status (serum iron, transferrin, serum ferritin, transferrin saturation, and soluble transferrin receptors); and C reactive protein.

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